Pure vibranium from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Vibranium is a fictional object in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a rare, alien metal alloy known only to be found in Wakanda, making it very valuable to outsiders due to its almost indestructible qualities, due to being shock resistant. It is notable for being Steve Rogers (Captain America)'s shield, and the synthetic body of Vision.


Early history

Vibranium meteor

Vibranium meteor approaches Earth.

2.5 million years ago, a meteor made of vibranium hurtled through space and landed in Wakanda, mutating the surrounding flora and fauna. Five tribes went to war over it, with a tribesman from the Panther Tribe ingesting a heart-shaped herb, which doubled his strength, speed, and stamina. The Panther Tribe united four of the five tribes and as the centuries passed amassed a land of technological superiority to the rest of the world, which it chose to hide away from as slavery and world wars disenchanted the way the nation looked at the world, literally by a cloaking device hiding the heart of Wakanda, where their vibranium mine was, and figuratively by acting as a third world country.


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