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On-screen title card.

Thor is a 2011 film, and the fourth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase One. It was produced by Marvel Studios, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh, from a screenplay written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz and Don Payne, based on a story by Mark Protosevich and J. Michael Straczynski. It was followed by Thor: The Dark World in 2013, with much of the same cast, but with a different director and writers.

In 2009, The Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment, although this didn't affect the distribution rights of Thor in the home video market until July 2013.

Release dates

  • Sydney, Australia: April 17, 2011
  • United States: May 6, 2011


Thor is the brash and egotistical crown prince of Asgard, who reignites a war with the Frost Giants. As punishment, his father, Odin, strips him of his powers and sends him to Earth. He must learn quickly to be a just prince if he is to return to Asgard, as his half-brother, Loki, plans to take over their realm and destroy all of Jotunheim.



Performers Characters
Chris Hemsworth Thor Odinson
Natalie Portman Jane Foster
Tom Hiddleston Loki
Anthony Hopkins Odin Borson
Colm Feore Laufey
Rene Russo Frigga
Stellan Skarsgård Erik Selvig
Kat Dennings Darcy Lewis
Idris Elba Heimdall
Ray Stevenson Volstagg
Tadanobu Asano Hogun
Josh Dallas Fandral
Jaimie Alexander Sif
Clark Gregg Agent Phil Coulson
Adriana Barraza Izzy Alvarez
Maximiliano Hernández Agent Jasper Sitwell
Richard Cetrone Frost Giant captain
Darren Kendrick Frost Giant sentry
Josh Coxx Hailstrum
Justice Jesse Smith Frost Giant brute
Joseph Gatt Grundroth
Luke Massy Raze
Matthew Ducey Einherjar guard
Jason Camp Einherjar guard
Buddy Sosthand Agent Delancey
Blake Silver Techie
Jamie McShane Agent Jackson
Dale Godboldo Agent Garrett
Patrick O'Brien Demsey Agent Cale
Jim Palmer S.H.I.E.L.D. guard
Seth Coltan Townie
J. Michael Straczynski Townie
Ryan Schaeffer Townie
Matt Battaglia Pete
Stan Lee Elderly truck driver
Joel McCrary Jake, drunk townie
Isaac Kappy Kyle, store clerk
Juliet Lopez Admission nurse
Rob Mars Orderly
Carrie Lazar Viking mother
Harley Graham Viking child
Alexander Wright Viking elder
Hilary Pingle Viking
Shawn-Caulin Young Viking
Kinsey McLean Viking
Kelly Hawthorne Viking
Dakota Goyo Young Thor
Ted Allpress Young Loki
Jeremy Renner Agent Clint Barton
Samuel L. Jackson Director Nick Fury

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