A two-way conversation using Skype from Iron Man 3.

Skype is a real-world online video chat service in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


While at Stark Industries in Los Angeles, Happy Hogan used his computer tablet to use Skype to call Tony Stark, who was at his Malibu home, to tell him about Aldrich Killian (a scientist who tried to reach out to Stark several years before) having an interview with Pepper Potts, and the suspicious Eric Savin sitting across from him in the lobby. Stark wanted to see, but Hogan was terrible at operating it, so Stark took control from his end, instead.[1]

While at the Avengers Compound, Black Widow answered a Skype call on her Samsung smartphone, to see Clint Barton's newly born Nathaniel Barton.[2]

Dr. Stephen Strange Skyped with a fellow neurosurgeon (both using their laptops) who he thought could repair his hands, but the risks were too big.[3]




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