Samuel Sterns

Samuel Sterns is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is played by Tim Blake Nelson.

Sterns was a cellular biologist who worked as a professor at Grayburn College in New York City. He had got into secret contact with Bruce Banner online, trying to find a cure for the latter's transformations into the Hulk. Banner eventually came to see Sterns in person, where he was able to procure an antidote. Sterns managed to keep a sample of his blood, which led Emil Blonsky to Sterns, who wanted to be injected with it, which combined with the Super Soldier serum, transformed him into the Abomination. During the procedure, Sterns was knocked to the floor, where some of the blood dripped onto his forehead, causing his forehead to increase and along with his intelligence, but made him unstable as a side effect.




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