Not to be confused with the Tinker.
Phineas Mason

Phineas Mason is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is played by Michael Chernus.

Mason was a member of Adrian Toomes salvage crew, which were terminated by Department of Damage Control from the Battle of New York cleanup as they were doing it. In retaliation, they kept the Chitauri tech they found, then the crew secretly continued to go on further thefts, such as technology built by Ultron. Mason assisted his crew by being able to reverse engineer and build new gadgets and suits for them, such as the Vulture exosuit for Toomes, and the Shocker gauntlets for Jackson Brice and later Herman Schultz.

When Parker Parker (Spider-Man) brought an end to their heists, they were captured, except for Mason who is now at large.



  • He is referred to as the Tinkerer only in the end credits.
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