Pershing Square Cafe

Pershing Square Cafe is a real-world location in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also known as Central Cafe, it is a located in the intersection of Pershing Square in Manhattan, New York City, and is more like a restaurant with a bar. It also has an outdoor setting arrangement in the day.



In a deleted scene set at day, man out of time, Steve Rogers, sat outside the cafe, sketching Stark Tower, when Beth started to make chit chat with him saying that nobody was waiting on the table and he could have it for as long as he liked, then said they had free wireless, but Rogers misunderstood it to be for radio. An elderly onlooker impatiently told him to ask her out.

At night, Tony Stark (Iron Man) flew past Pershing Square Cafe to the newly lighted Stark Tower.

As the Chitauri began their invasion of New York City, Beth and others at the cafe ran inside, as everything exploded around them.


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