Pepper Potts

Potts from Iron Man 3.

Virginia[1] "Pepper" Potts is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Potts was Tony Stark (Iron Man)'s personal assistant, who was the CEO of Stark Industries. When Stark believed he would die due to palladium poisoning in his arc reactor, which was initially keeping him alive, he promoted her to CEO. After finding a cure, Potts still continued as CEO.

She has also had a tumultuous romantic relationship with Stark, which began as flirting on Stark's part, being a typical playboy. After Stark got back from Afghanistan, a romance started to blossom, which turned into a committed relationship. But Stark's obsession with his work got the better of him, from taking down Hydra then creating Ultron[2] leading to a break.[3] Although they had later reconciled and surprisingly became engaged.[4]

In 2018, Thanos and the Black Order attacked Earth in order to retrieve the Infinity Stones on the planet, which led Stark to rejoin the other resistance fighters, although they ultimately failed, and half of the universe's population was wiped out, which also left Stark in space. He eventually returned, and after his recuperation, married Potts by 2023, which led to the birth of their only daughter, Morgan.

When the Avengers formulated a plan to go back into the past and collect the Infinity Stones before Thanos had them, it led a past version of Thanos into the present. A massive battle ensued, which included Potts in her own suit of armour. In the end, Stark had to use all the collected Stones at the last minute, in order to keep them away from Thanos, who wanted to now wipe out all life. Accessing the power of the Stones through his suit, Stark disintegrated Thanos and his army into dust, at the cost of his own life, leaving Potts a widow, and Morgan fatherless.

Aside from Tony, her other allies consist or consisted of James Rhodes (War Machine), Happy Hogan, Phil Coulson, and Maria Hill.


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