Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is played by Rebecca Hall.

Hansen was a scientist who developed the Extremis formula (which could regenerate damaged tissue and cells and make a person overall stronger, but was highly unstable) through funding from Aldrich Killian's A.I.M. organization. But when he turned it into a weapon for terrorism, she turned to Tony Stark (Iron Man) for help. Her attempts to set things right were short-lived, however, as Killian killed her in retaliation.



  • Hansen was supposed to be the main villain in the film, but was altered to the male Killian, due to a toy management concern at Marvel Entertainment believing a female villain wouldn't sell. Ironically, Killian never had a toy made for him in the end, anyway.
  • Hansen wasn't a villain once Rebecca Hall was cast, but even then she was supposed to be different and was supposed to survive to the end of the film, then during filming, it was decided to kill her off. Hall agreed if a suitable death was made and she was given an extra scene with Robert Downey Jr. (Stark), which he supported.
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