Jackson Brice

Jackson Brice is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is played by Logan Marshall-Green.

Brice was a member of Adrian Toomes salvage crew, which were terminated by Department of Damage Control from the Battle of New York cleanup as they were doing it. In retaliation, they kept the Chitauri tech they found, then the crew secretly continued to go on further thefts, such as technology built by Ultron. Brice welded gauntlets which could send out electrical blasts (built by the Phineas Mason (Tinkerer)), naming himself the Shocker, which largely unimpressed his boss, Adrian Toomes (Vulture).

When he and Herman Schultz were trying to sell tech to Aaron Davis, they got caught by Peter Parker (Spider-Man), who then chased Brice and Schultz back to their base. Brice tried to fire one of the alien guns at Spider-Man, but was only stopped by the intervention of the Vulture. Back at the crew's base, Toomes chastised Brice for using the weapon in public, but Brice wasn't bothered and threatened to tell his wife. Toomes responded by using a disintegration gun on him. He then gave the gauntlets to Schultz.



  • In mainstream Marvel Comics, Brice is a supervillain known as Montana. Although in the cartoon The Spectacular Spider-Man, he went by Montana before switching to Shocker.
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