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Thompson in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He is played by Tony Revolori.

Thompson attends Midtown School of Science and Technology in Queens, New York, where he acts as a bully to Peter Parker (Spider-Man), because despite being richer than Parker, he isn't as smart, and was jealous of Parker's "Stark internship," immediate acceptance back into the academic decathlon when he had quit, and claims of knowing Spider-Man. He openly calls him "Penis" Parker. However, Thompson is a big fan of Spider-Man.

He has a strained relationship with his parents, so he tries to replace that absence by making vlogs and refers to his so-called fans as the "Flash Mob."

Physical and personality traits




  • Thompson was changed in several different ways from his Marvel Comics mainstream counterpart's background (and other adaptations he has appeared in), where he is Caucasian and a bully to Parker because he considers him to be weak, calling him "Puny" Parker, which is alluded to by MCU Thompson mocking him calling him "Penis" Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the MCU, Thompson mainly bullies Parker with his wealth, and is jealous of him for being naturally smarter than him, which is not what Thompson is known for in the comics. In an ironic contrast, both versions of Thompson are big fans of Spider-Man. Far From Home revealed the MCU Thompson is a great fan/admirer of Spider-Man.
  • In an alternate take of the ending of Homecoming (as revealed on the Blu-ray), Michelle Jones wants to be called "MJ", for which Flash mocks her for, only for her to call him Eugene. Thompson also refers to himself as Eugene in the "Teachers' Travel Tips" featurette, which is actually more of a bonus of deleted scenes in Far From Home Blu-ray.
  • The surname "Thompson" is only used in the end credits of both films, when he is given an in-universe credit for his songs, "Flashdrv" and "EuroFlash", respectively.
  • The short film, Peter's To-Do List, is actually made up of scenes cut from the final edit of Far From Home.