Blonsky as Abomination.

Emil Blonsky

Blonsky as a human.

Emil Blonsky is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is played by Tim Roth.

Blonsky was a special-ops commando in the British Royal Marines, who was on loan to United States army general Thunderbolt Ross to capture fugitive Bruce Banner (Hulk). This became difficult, and Blonsky had been injected with a new super soldier serum, later mixed in with Banner's gamma-radiated blood, which turned him into a ferocious, hulking creature unofficially dubbed Abomination. He was defeated by the Hulk and caged away.


Total appearances: 5.



  • Tim Roth was able to portray the Abomination, by having his facial features scanned and act out scenes in a studio, wearing a motion capture suit.


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