You may also be looking for David Hasselhoff (real).
David Hasselhoff

Photo of 1980s Hasselhoff.

Ego as Hasselhoff

Ego in the form of a modern Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff is a real-world character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An imitation the Celestial Ego momentarily takes of Hasselhoff is played by the real Hasselhoff, the way he looked in the mid-2010s. A photo of the real Hasselhoff from the 1980s also appears.

In the 1980's, young Peter Quill always thought his father was someone like Hasselhoff and carried a photo of him around and pretended he really was. Even as an adult, he still carried it. When Quill found out that Ego had been the one who implanted the terminal brain cancer onto his mother, he turned against Ego and tried to kill him. But Ego was virtually impervious, and as he concentrated a new body for himself, he also took the form of Hasselhoff to mock and express his anger of how he was trying to connect with his son.



  • Ego would presumably only know what Hasselhoff looked like when he was on Earth in 1980, but he took a modern-day form of Hasselhoff, without knowing what he would look like, unless his powers could show him. Another reason using modern-day Hasselhoff misses the point is because, the 1980s Hasselfhoff is what Quill looks at, therefore would've been more effective.
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