Toomes as the Vulture.

Adrian Toomes

Toomes in civvies.

Adrian Toomes is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is played by Michael Keaton.

Toomes was in charge of cleanup/salvage crew, but was terminated after the Battle of New York, due to Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the federal government buying Damage Control, who would now handle all post-battle cleanups. Toomes and others had families to support, so in retaliation, they kept what they could from the Battle of New York and reverse engineered the Chitauri technology to profit in their own secret salvage venture. Toomes wore an a flight suit over an exosuit with giant metallic wings.

He was foiled by Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and sent to prison, which ended the budding romantic relationship between Parker and Toomes's daughter, Liz, as she and her mother, Doris, had moved from Queens to Oregon, at the request of her father during his trial.



  • The codename Vulture is never explicitly used by any character in the film, but is referred to in the end credits. However, Parker does refer to him as "Vulture guy."
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